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There are decisions being made right now that could have an effect on global populations for generations to come. As part of the Gene Gap project, The Guardian commissioned Marc Silver to investigate some of the themes raised by CRISPR technologies. This work of fiction imagines a future where gene editing has become mainstream and discusses the moral, ethical and political divides that this might create.


‘Recode demonstrates a deliberate and tacit understanding of the world surrounding us … The film explains the pitfalls of the future, explores the capitalistic structures that render science and healthcare inaccessible … Recode is a clear, singular look at a thorny subject that most people still don’t know much about. The world is still changing, and the science behind these shifts is often impenetrable and misunderstood. Recode doesn’t muddy the waters, but instead holds them up, asking if this is the future we want’. (Shots)

‘Director Marc Silver has woven an impressively intricate web here, touching on elements of the natural vs the artificial which so often preoccupy good sci-fi. Viewers feel the unseen reporter’s internal conflict as she’s offered the chance to edit her unborn child’s genes for free, making the audience question whether they would do the same if cost weren’t an issue.
Underneath these genre-focused concerns is a deceptively everyday story: that of a woman worried that, in spite of her objective success, she has disappointed her mother. Choices, and how they shape us and the world around us, are at the heart of everything here, and technological advances only serve to remind us there are no easy answers’. (DavidReviews)