Marc Silver

Marc Silver is an award winning filmmaker and director of the Oscar shortlisted and Emmy nominated feature doc, 3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets. It premiered at the Sundance Festival 2015 winning the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Social Impact.

His first feature length film Who is Dayani Cristal? premiered at the Sundance Festival 2013, where it won the
Cinematography Award: World Cinema Documentary and the Amnesty International Best Documentary Award 2014.

In 2017 his third feature length film To End A War about the peace process with the FARC was released in Colombia.

Marc’s most recent work was for the Guardian on the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook data breach story making the first film about whistleblower Christopher Wylie.

From 2018-20 Marc has been embedded inside Amnesty International researching ideas related to future technologies and their impact on human rights. The work has led to a short film about the profound gene editing tool CRIPSR, as well as a series of ideas with Shoshana Zuboff, author of The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism.

He is working on a feature length film about Ayahuasca set for completion in 2020.